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When you think about oral health, you think about your teeth and your gums. However, did you know that the health of your mouth is connected to the health of your whole body? Oral health issues affect more than just your mouth. They can also harm your physical and mental health as well. Taking care of your mouth, with regular brushing, flossing, and dental cleanings and exams does more than just keep your teeth and gums healthy. Good oral health is integral to maintaining a good quality of life. At Winning Smile Dental Group, we take a holistic approach, in conjunction with the use of conventional treatments, to your oral care to keep your mouth and your body healthy.

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How Are Oral Health and Overall Health Connected?

While it may not seem like it, your oral health plays an important role in the condition of your overall health. Unhealthy gums and teeth provide access straight to the bloodstream. When bacteria attack healthy gums, the tissue swells, breaking the protective seal against your teeth and pulling away. This allows bacteria to fall below the gumline. Damaged teeth allow bacteria into the inner layers, where they can enter the bloodstream through the pulp. Once bacteria have entered the bloodstream, they travel throughout the entire body. This can lead to several serious issues. Health issues commonly associated with poor oral health include:
•  Heart disease: Bacteria in the bloodstream trigger an inflammatory response as the immune system attempts to fight them off. This leads to swelling of the blood vessels, which then restricts blood flow. The results are an increased risk for high blood pressure, heart attacks, and stroke.
•  Diabetes: With swollen blood vessels, your body has a more difficult time using insulin. This can cause serious issues with blood sugar levels.
•  Respiratory issues: When you breathe in through your mouth, you can inhale oral bacteria into your lungs. This can lead to serious respiratory issues.
•  Complications during pregnancy: Bacteria in the bloodstream can affect the development of a fetus. It can also cause low birth weight and even pre-term birth.
•  Depression: Poor oral health can often affect your confidence. It can also affect your social interactions with others, as well as intimacy with your partner. All of these factors can contribute to depression.

What Is Biological Dentistry?

Biological dentistry, often called holistic dentistry, is an approach to dental care that takes your physical and mental health into consideration along with your oral health. In doing so, it aims to help keep, or improve, your oral and your overall health. This type of dentistry involves the use of holistic techniques, as well as conventional ones, to provide you with the best care possible.

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How Is Biological Dentistry Different?

Biological dentistry takes more than just the health of your teeth and gums into account. It also considers your physical and mental health, and how oral health relates to the rest of the body. We go beyond recommending better oral care at home. We may also provide you with nutrition tips and recommendations for lifestyle changes to help you maintain a healthier life.

One of the biggest focuses of biological dentistry is the use of non-toxic materials for dental treatments. Instead of amalgam fillings for cavities, which are made up of a mixture of metals suspended in mercury, we use composite resin. This material has the added benefit of matching the color of your natural teeth. We also use digital x-rays instead of traditional x-ray technology. Digital x-ray technology relies on electronics to capture images, significantly reducing radiation exposure. This can provide comfort for patients who might otherwise avoid treatment due to x-rays.

With biological dentistry, we can prevent, diagnose, and treat a wide variety of oral health issues, keeping your mouth, and the rest of your body, healthy. For more information on biological dentistry, call Winning Smile Dental Group today at (224) 307-4977.

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