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Woman with sleep apnea in need of oral appliance therapyOral appliance therapy is a treatment option for sleep apnea. Sleep appliances are custom-made for each patient to improve their sleep and overall health.

Oral appliances resemble sports mouth guards or retainers. They work by shifting the lower jaw and tongue forward to open up the airway, which is restricted in patients with sleep apnea. Studies have shown that oral appliance therapy is effective in treating sleep apnea and snoring.

During your consultation, Dr. Polly Reese will go through your medical and dental history and work with you to determine whether oral appliance therapy is the best choice for you. The FDA has given clearance for over 100 different oral appliances, and a large number of health insurance plans cover this treatment.

Benefits of Oral Appliances

Oral appliance therapy is a comfortable and non-invasive treatment method that won’t interfere with your daily life. Oral appliances are easy to wear and care for, portable and convenient for traveling, making them highly popular with patients.

Consultation and Evaluation

Our team works together with physicians in diagnosing and treating sleep apnea and snoring. When you come in for your first consultation, Dr. Polly Reese will discuss the advantages of oral appliance treatment therapy along with potential side effects and costs.

After that, Dr. Polly Reese will perform a detailed clinical evaluation, which includes an examination of your jaw, teeth, tongue, and airway. We may also take an X-ray of your mouth, if necessary.

Crafting and Fitting Oral Appliances

We craft physical or digital impressions and models of your teeth to make your customized oral appliances. After creating the models, we send them to a dental lab which produces the appliance.

When the appliance is completed, we will summon you back to our office for a fitting. Dr. Polly Reese will make adjustments to optimize its level of comfort and function. He’ll also teach you how to clean and maintain the appliance properly. Following the fitting, we may need to schedule a sleep study to gauge the effectiveness of the treatment.

Follow-Up Visits

Dr. Polly Reese will schedule follow-up visits to make sure the oral appliance fits correctly. Oral appliances are uniquely fit for each patient and need adjustments over time to optimize their performance. We’ll also schedule annual assessments for you. The long-term success of oral appliance therapy will depend in good part on these routine appointments.

Oral Appliance Therapy in Everyday Life

Oral appliances can effectively treat obstructive sleep apnea and snoring, improving your health and quality of life. When you commit to getting this treatment and consistently wear your appliance every night, you will see a drastic improvement in your symptoms. Many patients who undergo this treatment report that they sleep better at night and feel more energized and alert during the day. Spouses of patients who receive oral appliance therapy will also sleep better as well.

By treating sleep apnea, we can improve the health of your heart, mind, and body. With our help, you can improve your sleep. Oral appliances do an excellent job of treating this condition.

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