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Reasons Teeth May Hurt When Waking Up Each Day
Posted on 1/25/2020 by Winning Smile Dental Group
Have your teeth been hurting every time you wake up in the morning? Does it also start to reduce as the day progresses? The idea of being drawn out of your summer beach dream by an alarm clock might seem a bit bearable, but the latter changes when you immediately wake up with sore teeth. This occurrence may string a headache along, which causes a lot of general discomfort. Before you start cooking up the worst thinking you are alone, you should understand that waking up with sore teeth is a very common occurrence among people. Waking up with sore teeth is not the best way to start your day; you might not even be able to have breakfast or brush your teeth in peace. Furthermore, if you suffer from Bruxism, a lot of damage can occur. What are some of the reasons that can lead you to waking up with your teeth sore? Some Possible Reasons Do you sleep with your mouth open? If so, this could be the reason. Sleeping with your mouth open dries your mouth and leaves you at risk of getting oral cavities. If this is you, you need to visit us often so that we can help you deal with the issue and keep your teeth healthy. Another common cause of sore teeth is clenching and grinding of teeth during the night. To avoid damaging your teeth, you should visit us to get a pair of recommended night guards. If you eat hard foods at night and fail to brush your teeth before sleeping, the particles will get stuck between the teeth or the cracks. When sleeping, these particles will have a negative effect and you may wake up with sore teeth. Making sure that you brush and floss your teeth before sleeping is very important in maintaining good oral hygiene. If you believe none of the reasons mentioned above are the cause of your sore teeth, please book an appointment with us. Apart from doing a close examination of your mouth, we will also give you more advice on how to avert the problem....

How to Brush Effectively as Age or Physical Injury Limits Mobility
Posted on 1/15/2020 by Winning Smile Dental Group
Brushing your teeth effectively can be a challenge even when you are young and healthy. Due to the way the mouth opens, and the arrangement of the teeth, it requires special care and attention to detail in order to properly brush. Of course, as you age and lose mobility (or if you lose mobility due to an injury), the task can become even more daunting. The good news is that you can still get the job done with a little time and effort. Here are some things to consider if you are struggling with limited mobility. Limited Mobility Due to Age As you age, you might find that it is more difficult to grasp a toothbrush properly. In addition, the circular motion necessary for proper brushing could become very challenging for you. The good news is that you can overcome this in a few ways. We strongly recommend that our elderly patients look into a quality electric toothbrush. This will do a few things for you. First, an electric toothbrush handle will be much fatter and easier to grasp. Second, because the head moves in a circular motion, an electric toothbrush is deal for people who can no longer manipulate a toothbrush properly. Limited Mobility Due to Injury If your mobility is limited due to an injury, you will also find an electric toothbrush to be an ideal solution. In addition, depending on the extent and severity of your injury, you might find that just brushing more slowly and deliberately can still suffice to keep your teeth clean. The key difference between a mobility limitation due to an injury and one due to age is that the former will usually eventually resolve itself. Still, the two conditions can be approached in the same manner in most cases. If you have any questions, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!...

Understanding How Hard Bristled Brushes Damage Your Enamel
Posted on 12/25/2019 by Winning Smile Dental Group
When we view our teeth, many of us view them like a dirty plate with food. The thicker and grittier the scrubber, the quicker and more food you remove off the plate. It's a very common misunderstanding that your teeth are basically the same way. Hard bristles don't clean better, they actually can hurt your teeth and your gums. Bristles and Your Teeth While you're brushing your teeth, it is damaging if you are pressing the bristles as hard as possible. Your toothpaste is already there and is abrasive, so it can remove plaque and bacteria. There has even been a news report put out by The Wall Street Journal that summarized up to 20% of Americans have caused some damage to their oral cavity by over-brushing. The damage consists of weakening the tooth's protective enamel. It can be repaired by a process referred to in the dental profession as remineralization. To allow the process to happen, you must avoid causing any further damage to your teeth and gums. Soft Bristles and Your Enamel When you lose patches of enamel on your tooth, you are now at risk for staining, tooth decay and sometimes your teeth may even hurt. If you lose your enamel, it's gone for some time. If you have some tough plaque on your teeth that a soft bristle brush can't remove, it's not likely a hard bristled brush will do the trick either. We can handle it with a good cleaning. If you are using a hard bristle brush because you are worried about stains or ensuring your teeth are completely clean. It's best to take a look at your tooth brushing technique. If you want to clean your gums and teeth successfully, make sure that you are pointing the angle of your toothbrush bristles down towards the gum line, then while doing gentle circles, it should pull all of the plaque and bacteria out. The amount of time you spend applying some gentle pressure will get you the most success and clean your mouth safely....
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