How Missing Teeth Change Your Life
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Your teeth may be small, but they are extremely important. There is a good chance that you do not spend much time thinking about them. However, if you lose your teeth, even just one, it becomes all you can think about. Tooth loss has many serious effects that can change your life. Winning Smile Dental Group is here to help.

Difficulty Eating

Your teeth are essential for biting and chewing all of the foods you consume. They play a crucial role in the first stage of digestion. Your teeth work to break down the foods you eat, making it possible for your body to access the essential nutrients later. When you lose your teeth, these functions become difficult. The loss of biting teeth can make eating things like whole fruits, vegetables such as corn on the cob, and hard or chewy foods, almost, if not completely, impossible. This can severely limit your diet and can mean that most of your favorite foods are now off limits. The loss of molars makes thoroughly breaking down food more difficult. Not only is this task more challenging, but improperly chewing your food makes it harder for the body to digest what you eat. Your body has to work harder to access nutrients, and may not be able to absorb what it needs. As a result, you may experience malnutrition.

Speech Troubles

The teeth control airflow when you talk. This enables you to form words and sounds and communicate effectively through speech. When you lose your teeth, you lose this control over the flow of air. This can make speaking much more difficult. You may also develop a lisp when you talk. All of these factors can affect the ability of others to understand you, and can result in having to repeat yourself frequently or miscommunication, both of which can be quite frustrating.

The Impact to Your Smile

Your smile plays a major role in the impressions you make. A big contributing factor in the quality of your smile is your teeth. When you lose your teeth, your smile deteriorates. Not only can this leave the wrong impression, but it can also lead to self-consciousness. You may find yourself hiding your smile, or not even smiling at all. This self-consciousness can impact your social interactions, and can even lead to anxiety and depression.

The Effects of Tooth Loss on Your Jawbone

Your teeth are a critical part of helping to maintain the health and shape of your jawbone. The teeth stimulate the bone when you chew. This triggers the body to send essential nutrients. Tooth loss leads to less stimulation. As a result, fewer nutrients are sent. Over time, the bone begins to resorb and grow weak, and bone loss occurs. The healthy teeth eventually begin to shift out of their natural alignment, throwing off your bite. Significant tooth loss can even lead to a change in your facial shape. Your lips and cheeks sink in, your skin sags, and wrinkles can develop. All of these can add years to your appearance.

Replacing missing teeth is essential for restoring your quality of life. Dental implants are the most popular option available today. Not only do they restore the functions of those missing teeth, but they also restore your smile and your health, including the health and integrity of your jawbone. For more information, and to find out if dental implants are right for you, call Winning Smile Dental Group today to schedule your consultation at (224) 307-4977.

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