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Digital x-rays on tablet at Winning Smile Dental Group in Evanston, IL
As the world is exploding with new technology, it substantially benefits every industry, including dentistry. At Winning Smile Dental Group, we pride ourselves on staying up to date in the latest tools, instruments and innovative technologies to improve our work and your dental care. We want our patients to know that they are getting the best treatment in the safest and least invasive ways. We offer treatment options using a wide range of tools to help. Learn more about what we use in our office in the descriptions below.

Digital X-rays

It’s amazing to realize how far x-ray images have come. We rely on dental x-rays to show us hidden spots of bacteria, decay and other problems. They are a primary tool in dentistry. As with any infection or problem area, early identification can make all the difference, seeing tissue through x-ray images is very important. In decades past, x-rays were difficult to manage and very uncomfortable for the patient. Gone are the days of tiny slides, processing time and grainy images. Using digital technology, we can now provide patients with x-rays that are:

•  Taken and Displayed Immediately: No longer does a patient need to wait for the image to be processed with chemicals in a dark room, we simply push the button and images are immediately displayed on the screen near your chair.
•  Clearer, Easier to See and Understand: Digital images are high resolution and can be enlarged vastly. This allows patients to better see and understand the points of interest as we discuss their oral health.
•  Lower Radiation: Though dental x-rays have always been within guidelines for health and safety, the amount of radiation used was still bothersome to many people. Digital x-rays use just a tiny percent of the radiation that old traditional x-rays used. This means they are even safer.
•  Saved and Shareable: Another huge advantage is how digital images are saved, no longer are we in fear of losing slides from patient folders, they are saved in digital folders and always accessible. Additionally, we can share these images with any other medical professional as needed with simply the click of a button.

With digital x-rays, we can spot problem areas including:

•  Teeth that are impacted: This can include wisdom teeth or other teeth that have not come fully into place.
•  Teeth that are diseased or decayed: Bacteria can find its way past the gum line causing infection and damage at the root and bone.
•  Cysts: A cyst is a pocket of infected material. It can cause pain and damage to your oral health.
•  Tumors: A little known fact is that dentists spot oral cancer more often than any other medical professional. This simple checkup is part of our regular routine. Some tumors are cancerous and some are not, we want you to know either way right away.

Intraoral camera at Winning Smile Dental Group in Evanston, IL

Intraoral Camera

An intraoral camera is different from an x-ray, it allows us to display an image of the surface or visible tissue inside your mouth. This tool is for the benefit of the patient, we use it to show and educate our patients of specific areas of interest. An intraoral camera provides our patients a view of what we see.

The intraoral camera is about the size of a toothbrush and fits comfortably in your mouth. With it, we can show patients broken fillings, teeth that have fractured or broken, areas of decay or any other dental problem. We have found this tool to be beneficial in educating patients and discussing treatment options to consider.

UltrasonicScaler at Winning Smile Dental Group in Evanston, IL

Ultrasonic Scalers

An ultrasonic scaler is a tool that we use for most adult dental cleaning appointments. They have improved the work being done and made the treatment much more comfortable. Before ultrasonic scalers, hygienists would need to hand scrape calcium and hardened tartar from the teeth, making the process long and uncomfortable.

The ultrasonic scaler works by creating rapid vibrations and a metal tip to break down and remove plaque and calculus that accumulate on teeth. While vibrating, the tool creates a continuous stream of microscopic bubbles using a combination of water and an antimicrobial liquid called chlorhexidine which kills microbes while removing plaque and tartar.

After we complete treatment with the ultrasonic scaler, your hygienist then goes over the area with a manual scaling tool to double check pockets and look for any residual deposits in other areas.

CEREC at Winning Smile Dental Group in Evanston, IL


CEREC is a technology that can create dental crowns and bridges while you wait. It removes the need for sending molds to a dental lab, as we can create them the same day, during your appointment.

We know that patients want to have their treatment done quickly and efficiently. Having your dental appliance created in our office has revolutionized the way we treat severely decayed or structurally damaged teeth.

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