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Smile Gallery

In this beautiful smile gallery you can see some examples of work done by Dr. Polly Reese.

Case #1: Porcelain Crowns

Patient's fractured two central incisors before procedure
This patient's two central incisors were fractured as a result of a trauma. One of the teeth required a root canal treatment and a post and core to reinforce it, and then Dr. Reese restored the teeth with all porcelain crowns.
Patient's Teeth After Porcelain Crowns Procedure

Case #2: Dental Bridge & Crowns

Patient's Teeth Before Dental Bridge & Crowns Procedure
The front two teeth are actually an old dental bridge, and the teeth are a jumbled mess. This mature patient simply wanted to be able to smile without embarrassment. She did not want bright white teeth but wanted a subdued, natural color, which Dr. Reese was able to provide for her, with a new bridge and crowns.
Patient's Teeth After Dental Bridge & Crowns Procedure

Case #3: Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Patient's Teeth before Full Mouth Rehabilitation
These teeth have a crooked smile line, they are different colors, and old porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns are showing ugly dark lines at the gumline. Dr. Reese replaced all the old dental work with a full mouth reconstruction, using beautiful all-porcelain crowns.
Patient's Teeth After Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Case #4: Invisalign®

Patient's teeth after Invisalign Treatment
Before & After
Patient's teeth before Invisilign TreatmentPatient's teeth after Invisalign Treatment
Invisalign was used to straighten this patient's smile.

Case #5: Upper Porcelain Veneers & Crowns

Patient's teeth before Upper Porcelain Veneers & Crowns procedure
This patient's smile shows teeth that are out of alignment, and the crowns on the front teeth don't match the other teeth in either size or color. Dr. Reese replaced the crowns and did porcelain veneers with a gorgeous result, as you can see below.
Patient's teeth after Upper Porcelain Veneers & Crowns procedure

Case #6: Denture

Patient's teeth after dentures procedure
This patient received a beautiful new upper denture to replace his missing teeth.

Case #7: Whitening & Porcelain Crown

Before & After
Patient's teeth before Whitening & Porcelain Crown procedurePatient's teeth after Whitening & Porcelain Crown procedure
Dr. Reese whitened a crown as shown in the before image, as well as placed a new porcelain crown for this patient.

Case #8: White Composite Fillings

Before & After
Patient's Teeth Before White Composite FillingsPatient's Teeth After White Composite Fillings
Shown above is a side by side comparison of old silver amalgam fillings in the before image, replaced with composite fillings.

Case #9: Soft Tissue Graft

Before & After
Patient's Teeth Before Soft Tissue GraftPatient's Teeth After Soft Tissue Graft
Dr. Baima performed a soft tissue graft for this patient.

Case #10: Invisalign & Crowns

Patient's Teeth Before Invisalign & Crowns Procedure
Invisalign was used to straighten this patient's smile.
Patient's Teeth After Invisalign & Crowns Procedure

Case #11: Whitening & Porcelain Crown

Which Front Teeth Are Crowns?
Patient's Teeth After Whitening & Porcelain CrownPatient's Teeth After Whitening & Porcelain Crown

Case #12: Implants

Before & After
Patient's Teeth Before Implants ProcedurePatient's Teeth After Implants Procedure

Case #13: Veneers

Before & After
Patient's Teeth Before Veneers ProcedurePatient's Teeth After Veneers Procedure
Patient's Teeth After Veneers Procedure

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