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Gnatkip Carpenter

5 Stars Rating
Our six year old is not the easiest of patients. We have been to other dentists and haven’t been able to get past the initial “open your mouth” phase. This practice is special. From reception to hygienist to Dr. Polly, they go that “extra mile” that makes all the difference. They hygienists must have degrees in psychology; they know exactly what to do, what to say and how to say it to move the appointment forward in a positive and safe atmosphere. Dr Polly has the perfect balance of warmth and being in control-exactly what my son needs. We went from not being able to get through an examination to sitting through three filling. A miracle. My son was the first patient, then my husband and now me. We recommend this practice to our friends with or without children, but if you have a child who had a bad dental experience in the past, Winning Smile is the place to turn that around.

Anat Tanner

5 Stars Rating
Cindy and Dr. Polly Reece were exceptional! Professional, caring, great communication, and phenomenal care givers. I highly recommend Dr. Polly and Cindy! This was my second visit and looking forward to returning in April. Will highly recommend to friends and family.

Tracey Swiatek

5 Stars Rating
I've had only the best experiences with Dr. Reese's dental practice, and highly recommend them! They have state-of-the-art equipment, and the personnel is warm and friendly, always making sure you are comfortable.
I dreaded the anticipated time-consuming steps, and visits to have a crown made for my broken tooth. I was (almost) speechless to witness the amazing technology that enabled a crown to be created. Dr. Reese cut the old tooth away, electronically created a 3-D image of a new tooth, designed to fit exactly with my teeth, my bite, etc., THEN I witnessed the laser machine cut my specific tooth out of a block of porcelian.) Amazing! A quick check for fit (like a glove!) then bake it a few minutes, and glue it in. Voila! I walked out of the office in a little over 2 hours with a new crown! I can't praise them highly enough.

Allen Keiter

5 Stars Rating
Invisalign braces have been great for this 66 year old man. They have straightened my teeth and improved my appearance. I will not need dental implants which would have been far more costly.

Stacy Lempka

5 Stars Rating
From the minute you walk into the office until you leave, you are made to feel very comfortable and at ease. I am always greeted as soon as I walk in the door and the hygienists bring me back to the exam room within a minute or two of checking in. The hygienists are thorough and gentle with the cleanings. I can't say enough wonderful things about Dr. Reese. She is warm, caring, personable, and professional. She has replaced fillings I have had since childhood and, when a fracture was found, she was able to make a porcelain crown right in her office. Treatment estimates are made and the office has contacted my dental insurance company so that I am aware of what my out-of-pocket cost will be. My husband and three teenagers also see Dr. Reese and her staff. We all love Winning Smile!!!
And if you need extra reassurance and calming, you might even get to visit with Tucker, Dr. Reese's therapy dog.

Zan Mi

5 Stars Rating
We travelled about 3 hours to Dr. Reese’s office because my son’s dentist was recommending us to have my son’s silver filling removed and put in a crown. I was concerned with the exposure to mercury during the removal. I was happy to find Dr. Reese online, who is in our insurance’s network, and also has a rigorous and safe page:29445 mercury removal procedure. We didn’t have it removed eventually because the new tooth is coming out soon thanks to the honest information Dr. Reese gave us. We will definitely come back to remove the silver fillings on my daughter’s permanent teeth in the future. Dr. Reese and all staff members are very friendly and patient with us, great for kids!

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